I would like to transfer applications but I do not have the CD - how?

By perrys23 ·
I just purchased a new system and I need to transfer several applications; however, I do not have the CD.

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Not an easy task

by cmiller5400 In reply to I would like to transfer ...

As most installation CD's make multiple changes to the registry and register COM components etc, it is very hard to move an application from one PC to another without major issues. If you legitimately own the product, the company usually will offer to send you a new CD/DVD for a small fee if you can prove ownership.

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It's simple: you can't do that

by robo_dev In reply to I would like to transfer ...

Just as it's somewhat impossible to make sausage back into a pig, a windows program that's installed on one computer cannot be transferred to another.

The only (rare) exception to that would be a program that is so simple that it does not need to be installed, makes no changes to the registry, or has no dependencies on Windows program components.

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moving apps

by rtillx4 In reply to I would like to transfer ...

Not an answer, but if when you first install a program or app. make a copy of the entire disc. Then if you loose the original...
I am talking about saving it on your hard drive and or a disc. I have used this method to install programs on a laptop with a broken optical drive. I saved a copy of the entire disc on my desktop then navigated to the copy via my network and install from there to the laptop. Worked great.
It is also possible to clone an entire drive but then you would have the older operating system on your new unit.

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