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    I yanked the four wire audio cable from MOBO


    by tribeliker ·

    Well I did it again. You’d think I would know better after all these years. While replacing a motherboard and removing the wires attached to the bad motherboard, I pulled one of the wires out of the audio plug. This 4 wire plug attaches the audio portion of the front panel combo module (on the front of the PC that houses the USB – 1384 – Headphones/Mic/Aux)

    Well I tried to insert it back in :O. OH NO!!No Go IN. Then to make things worst, the wire next to the empty hole came out. Now I have two wires out. Needless to say, I can not replace just the wire/plug. I have to replace the whole module.

    Does anyone have a trick on how to put these teeny weeny wires back in their place.

    I have these big hands so I am looking for a simple tool or something.

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