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HI all

maybe someone here can help me. I have a system i build recently using an i5-670 processor - should be blindingly fast but for some reason (using xp) often but not always the system seems to sort of freeze, when it does this the HDD lights are going like the blazes.
I have turned off indexing and now am at a bit of a loss what is causing it.
And no it cant me virus or malware as the system was just build and has only new software on it

thanks in advance

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The CPU is only part of the system

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I5-670

Lots of other things contribute to the over all performance of a computer. The main one is the M'Board Type and Chip Set. If it has on Board Graphics it's going to be slower than one with a Dedicated Video Card.

Also the speed and type of RAM used will contribute to the speed of the entire system particularly if this is one of those Budget M'Boards that uses older type RAM which is considerably slower than 50% of the FSB of the CPU.

Then the amount and configuration of the Installed RAM Modules will play a factor. It you do not have Matched RAM the system will run in Single Chanel Mode and will only be running at 50% of the FSB of the CPU at best. Quite often this is considerably slower running in Single Chanel Mode.

The Data Read/Write Speed of the HDD as well as the type of Interface that it has will also play another part in over all system performance. Not to mention that XP doesn't support Multi Core Processors anywhere near as well as the newer OS's available and if you have stuck with a 32 Bit OS you will never be achieving the best performance possible out of the CPU.


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by milesy1971 In reply to The CPU is only part of t ...

Thanks for taking the time to reply Col.

Yep understand what you were saying but this was the system almost locking up rather than just running slow - was driving me insane. Even if you allowed for using XP and maybe not the fastest chipset something was seriously wrong.

The good news is - i actually solved it during the wee hours of last night.

It turned out to the the HDD. I was using a newly purchased WD10EARS drive, and when i tested the drive speed, i was getting read speeds of around 30 - 80 Mb's, but write speeds of 0.5 Mbs. Tested the other drives i have and was getting a minimum of 5Mbs write speed on those (and around 80 - 100 on the read).

Did a google search on the drive - and what did i find, lots of other people in a world of slow pain also.

Ok - so how did i solve it. Running the WD Align utility on the drive. I am now getting Write speeds of around 10Mb/s, much more like what it should be.

thanks again for you time

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to solved

Another thing to look out for here is the CPU Setting in the BIOS.

Supposedly the BIOS auto detects the CPU but I've seen many cases where it doesn't correctly identify the CPU and this also causes problems.


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