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    i5 Temperature while Gaming

    by db545245 ·


    Hi…I have a setup of i5 3330 with hd 7950 oc and 8gb of ram….games run quite well But I am facing a issue. While gaming (ETS 2) , CPU Temp reaches 73C(Ambient Temp 38C). I am using stock cpu cooler provided by intel. Is it general ? If not, What is the solution ?

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      Just curious

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to i5 Temperature while Gaming

      Did you build the computer yourself? If so. did you use thermal paste between the CPU and the CPU cooler. How long have you had the computer ? Is there sufficient air flow inside the case with multiple fans ? Need more information.

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        by db545245 ·

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        Yes Sir, I built it myself about a month ago…I used thermal paste but it was not good in quality… and local product . There are 2 outlet and 1 intake fan in the case.

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      I don’t see a problem here.

      by rproffitt ·

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      73C is not extremely hot for this CPU and load.

      In short I would not fix this.

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      by jaceytome ·

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      If you have an i5 processor on your laptop and you play games on it. Then under average game settings, the laptop temperature must remain within 65°-70°C

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        This is out of date information.

        by rproffitt ·

        In reply to temperature

        Please read more about this area. Few i5/i7 LAPTOPS would meet your criteria today.

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      Actually anything under 90C is fine and even then it’s not hot

      by the master2 ·

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      As for Thermal Paste Intel Heatsinks come with Paste already applied a gray coating applied to the bottom of the heatsink which only needs replacing once it has been used and then removed. Then any Thermal Paste will do as it doesn’t matter what hits the edges of it contamination only matters where contact is made between the CPU and Heatsink. Of course overapplying Thermal Paste is not a good idea as it may short circuit in the CPU Socket.

      However having said that an Active Heatsink “One with a fan on it” is always a better option than one without, but I’ve only seen that type of Heatsink supplied with big box makers systems which always have a fan mounted into the case to cool the heatsink.

      Depending on the M’Board you have used here you should be able in the BIOS to set Fan Speeds at different Temps so the hotter it gets the faster the fan runs it’s just a matter of reading the M’Board listing for the plug you plug the CPU Fan onto and setting that as the CPU Fan in the BIOS.

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        by richardholder186 ·

        In reply to Actually anything under 90C is fine and even then it’s not hot

        I think I should focus on this type of information

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          If this helps

          by the master2 ·

          In reply to Tech

          A person here posted claiming that their Desktop heated the room so hot that it was not possible to stay in it using the computer. Not something I’ve ever run across but I gave him the same advice look at the actual Temp of the CPU and GPU in their case and make sure that they do not get much over 100C but they were talking for longer than 24 hours of consistent high use.

          As things stand the more you use the CPU the hotter it’s going to get or at least the more load you put onto it the hotter it’s going to get the real test is if once you stop look at what the CPU Temp is doing. If it stays hot then something needs doing but if it drops back to above ambient then it’s all fine. It’s never going to reach room Temp as you need a lower temp on the cooling air to cool the heatsink so anything up to a couple of Degree’s C above room temp when it is not being used is fine. You only really have to worry with Intel CPU’s when they start getting up to Temps were the Silicon starts to melt which is way too hot but can happen went Overclocked to the extreme.

          Pity that all the electricity they use doesn’t help heat the room here at all as if it did the i7 currently beside me would help warm up the room quite nicely but it doesn’t and I have to wear jumpers in winter and rely on Air Conditioning in Summer. Here it gets so hot that some components on the Motherboard reach their Max Working Temp before the things gets turned on and we regularly see temps in excess of 35C daytime AirTemps and that doesn’t hurt this thing one little bit. Of course when editing Video or pictures it gets considerably hotter but for general Office Work it’s not an issue.

          I also bung as many fans as possible into cases because Air Flow is difficult and easily disrupted so it is possible that areas inside the case can get much hotter than others more so if you had IED or Floppy Drives with those Wide Ribbon Cables which blocked air a lot but not anywhere as common now with SATA Leads.

          But just for your own personal knowledge the fans suck air in at the front of the case and **** it out the rear just do not place the case in a position where the case is loosely sealed in a alcove and the only escape for exhausted air is up the side of the case where it gets sucked in at the front. I’ve seen some “Modern” Computer work benches have a problem as they have a box all but enclosed where the case fits and there isn’t enough room for free airflow around them between the case and the alcove.

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      Best gaming pc

      by lagartharagn ·

      In reply to i5 Temperature while Gaming

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