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    IADSOpenDsObject — ADSI Question


    by hc_74 ·

    Hi all! I have a question regarding the OpenDsObject method of the IADSOpenDsObject object. I am developing an application in VB6 (as well as VBScript) that uses ADSI to manipulate user accounts. However, the application must run under non-admin accounts. So the question is, everytime I run the application using the above method, I get an error stating “The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials.” Now, I do understand what the error means, and I’ve tried various methods to avoid the error (ex. using IP instead of NetBIOS name when connecting to object, disconnect any existing sessions, etc..) but I still get the error. Does ANYONE (please!) out there know how to avoid this problem? Thanks VERY much if you know the solution!

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