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iam wondering if any one know of a program or softwear

By mark the leader ·
i would like to know if any one has any knowledge on a particular software that would allow me to take
physical number from a pc screen then abstractly input put it in to a second pc and allow the algorithm to see where pc 1 one is going
example pc 1
is out puting numbers at random 3 numbers column one, two, three example from 0-9 0-9 0-9 is there a computer program out there that would allow me to in from screen and manuliy in put it in to pc 2 and allow the pc to figure where or what will be the next set of number to show up based on the pass in put from pc 1 so if any one can help please call me or set a link to me thank u

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Dual Lampstacks

by cpubymike In reply to iam wondering if any one ...

you could port out the results from one DB to another but that would take at least scripting skill.

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by santeewelding In reply to iam wondering if any one ...

To divine the sequence of pi or e ?

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The thing about pi...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Whyfor?

you have to drain the e from the pi before you bake it.


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Yes and No!

by vmeck In reply to iam wondering if any one ...

Don't know why you would want 2 PC's involved, when you have two methods for doing what you seem to want, with one PC and easier.

Method#1: Just run both apps on same PC and pass data between them using DDE.

Method#2: Use a VM product to run one app in a virtual machine and use the VM's comms like networking to pass information between apps.

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