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    IBIS Toolbar


    by topcat8 ·

    I am using Ad-Aware SE and am stil getting 300-400 pop-ups daily. Most are “vendor” IBIS Toolbar, can anyone tell me how to stop this. I also have WebSearch Toolbar that I did not install, but now can’t get rid of it either. Is there a good, reliable pop-up blocker I can get, Ad-Aware is not doing it!
    Thanks in advance,

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      by jaqui ·

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      ad-aware is not a popup blocker.

      check the plugins directory for your browser, delete all that you find.
      this will get rid of the toolbars
      then install plugins you want.

      plugins are meant to extend functionality, but are often offered as an activex based spyware/tracker on top of the plugin functonality.

      disable automatic install of plugins.

      most browsers offer popup blocking in them.

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      by pierrejamme ·

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      In my opinion the only toolbar anyone should consider is google. Which by the way has an excellent POPUP Blocker.
      When you run Adaware SE Version 105 you must be updated to current. You might also turn off System Restore if you have XP or ME. Run Adaware, remove everything, reboot and re-run, hopefully this time you find nothing.
      If so, then reboot and turn system restore back on.
      Lavasoft claims they remove IBIS.

      You can also download Spy Bot Search & Destroy 1.3 from:, follow the install menu completely and try another update after you finish installing.

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      by topcat8 ·

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