IBM 3151 with VT220 Emulation Card. How to enter setup.

By sed55 ·
I have an end user with a IBM3151 terminal that has a VT220 emulation card in it. We need to get into setup on that terminal. Since it has the VT220 card in there, we can't use the normal IBM3151 method, and we need to configure the terminal with the VT220 card installed. Does anyone out there remember?



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I had to rack my brain

by mjd420nova In reply to IBM 3151 with VT220 Emula ...

To remember this one. Hurts too much. A control C or alt S. Too long ago. Terminal had F keys on top row, they would control the aspects of the emulation. Much like any terminal with RS-232c protocol and a serial port (either a sub D 15 pin, but the reverse of the EGA video jack or in the old sets, 25 pin D type connectors) Speeds were limited to 9600 baud but worked well with hayes modems for high speed dialups.

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Enter Setup

by rami_mac In reply to IBM 3151 with VT220 Emula ...

I just had to do this as well...

and throiugh experimentation it is F3

and do not forget to save at the end under functions

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