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    IBM 5150 HELP!!!?


    by kdgl ·

    IBM 5150 HELP!!!
    Hi today i bought a ibm 5150 for $20. However its missing 1 of the floppy drives and the hard drive. It has a vga monitor and a ibm keyboard. I wanted to know what i should do get get it up and running cheaply. I also want to know how much its worth. Please Respond Thanks!!!

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      From memory

      by oh smeg ·

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      These things didn’t have a HDD they just had 1 or 2 Floppies and that was it.

      if you needed to save any Data you wrote that to one of the Floppies or a Tape Drive that was a standard Cassette.

      As for the value of them I have no idea I didn’t work on them new I didn’t have anything to do with them new except for 1 instance when I fixed a Undocumented Feature and disgruntled user but you could try looking here at what is being sold on E Bay for some idea of what these are fetching now.


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