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IBM DS3400/TS3200 backup via IBM SAN16B-2 switch on Win2K3

By Johnno_Rocket ·

I have an SQL 2005 cluster, configured in failover cluster mode consisting of two IBM x3850 (7141-4RM) servers connected to a IBM DS3400 (1726-42E) main disk storage via fibre optic cables & cards (Emulex 4GB - 42C2071/39R6475) connecting the x3850 & DS3400 in a redundant cluster system.

The DS3400 has 12x 146GB HDDs configured as RAID-5 providing the shared SQL database storage.

The idea of the cluster is the ability to maintain SQL 2005 service database requests in the light of a failure of 1 SQL node

I wish to add a TS3200 (3573-F3H) LTO 400GB Native tape backup unit to backup the SQL database existing on the shared DS3400 disk cluster by adding say a SAN16B-2 (2005-16B) FO switch in between say 1 server & the DS3400. I'm advised that the 3573F3H is a FO capable drive. See pictorial below (I'm not an expert at ASCII art)....

++++++ ++++++++++ +++++++++
x3850 +-------+ DS3400 +----+ x3850 +
+++++++ ! ++++++++++ +++++++++
++++++++++ ++++++++++++++
+ SAN16B +-----+ TS3200 LTO +
++++++++++ ++++++++++++++

FYI, the setup for each x3850 server is Win2K3 Enterprise server, SQL 2005 Enterprise, 64GB RAM, multiple CPUs (44E4243 - 2.93Ghz X7350 QC Tiger), Emulex 4GB Fibre Optic FO HBA (42C2071) etc.

I want to trial 1x SAN16B FO switch to see if it works in the 1st place, rather than getting 2.

Is this a good way to backup the SQL cluster database or are there more viable alternatives to backing up this cluster.

Any feedback which you all can provide would be awesome.

Thanks in advance & regards to all for a great site & forums which over the years I've found invaluable in locating info



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IBM DS3400 storage

by Ahmad_6495 In reply to IBM DS3400/TS3200 backup ...

I have two node cluster win2008.
Node-1 is active and node node-2 passive.

At DS3400 created host group name is hyper.
Host type is cluster2003/2008 both node and member is host group hyper.

When I see Device Manager of node-1, disk is online on node-1 also disk is online on node-2

My concern is that disk of storage is online both node or not.

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