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    by elisabethgriffin ·

    I have a computer that I was thrown and said “reinstall windows 2000” However there is RAID in the system. I don’t know much about it, but I do know I tried to take out the hard drives, and that was a bad idea. I did get them “reset” and reconfigured to let me boot up. However I was then suggested to try to take out all but one of the hard drives and try to install, no luck. Now I can’t even it to come back up to the desktop. Can anyone help me? I want to wipe everything clean and restart fresh with windows 2000 server…I know nothing about RAID. Thanks!!

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      RAID works at the hardware level

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to IBM ESERVER RAID

      So on most servers, you go into a bios setup of some sort to create/destroy/change the RAID config.

      Once you have the RAID configured, from a PC perspective, it should work just like one physical hard drive.

      From there the tricky part is that most RAID arrays use some special SCSI disk controller, which is not a standard part of Windows. So after the Windows install CD boots, it prompts you for ‘load SCSI drivers’…and that’s what you need to do at that point.

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