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IBM Face to face interview

By macjoubert ·
I am new to this forum and would greatly appreciate some help on my upcoming interview.
I have over 5 years experience in IT (DB2 dev and adm) but for the past 2 years am working on ERP in a functional role.
I am interviewing around and have a ftf with IBM for a consulting position.The HR and technical interviews are over.
Can someone tell me what to expect in a ftf interview?Is this the negotiation phase?
Advanced thanks..

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by JamesRL In reply to IBM Face to face intervie ...

I can't tell you from any experience with IBM whether there is a set pattern, and even within IBM it is entirely possibel to have variation in their process.

But having interviewed many many candidates in my career, I can tell you that the first step is generally a screening process to ensure you can do the job.

An old mentor of mine said there were three criteria for hiring:
Can they do the job (technical skills)?
Will they do the job (motivation, drive, accomplishments in other jobs)?
Will they fit in(personality, soft skills, ability to fit in the group dynamic of the team)?

I might assume that HR and the technical interview pretty much covered the first question. Though don't be suprised if your next interviewer wants a recap. Did you have to take the IBM Programmers test? I took it in 1985.

The focus of the face to face would be the second two questions. Do some googling on behavioural interviewing, its a pretty widely used technique for uncovering information about how you approach situations. It is posible to anticipate some of the more common types of behavioural questions and prepare for them.

Some behaviour style questions:
Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a peer.
Tell me about your greatest achievement/highest goal in the workplace.
Tell me about a time when you discovered a critical piece of information and used it to improve a process/project.

They want to know the sitaution, the action you took, and the result. The result doesn't always have to be a happy ending - it could be a situation where you handled things badly but learned a valuable lesson.

Thats just a start. Hope it helps.


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For Global Consulting

by macjoubert In reply to Depends

Thanks James for your answers,

I haven't taken that test you mentioned.
Regarding the interview I was told it was to be with a recruiting manager,Snr Manager and partner.
Im interviewing for an experienced hire position but not at manager level.

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please update on the interview

by shelpz In reply to For Global Consulting


Please let me know the details of the face to face interview as i too cleared the technical round with IBM and was called for Face 2 face for a developer position.

Thanks in Advance.

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How did the interview go??

by manaa_k In reply to IBM Face to face intervie ...

I will attend face to face interview with IBM next week. It would be great if you could provide me some tips and guidance.

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