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IBM finally got the message.. Lotus Notes for Linux

By Jaqui ·**872.html

though they seem to have forgotten that requiring software that will create conflicts is always concidered a bad thing.

Eclipse's Java tools require Sun's jvm.
Open Office requires gjc for 100% functionality.
gjc conflicts with sun's jvm.

It's a start for IBM to put thier products behind their public stand of supporting open source, to bad it's based on the worst possible framework.

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Please tell me why do you say ...

by Eric.Talbot In reply to IBM finally got the messa ...

Please tell me why do you say Eclipse is the worst possible framework coz i have a few fellow here who really like it.

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by Jaqui In reply to Please tell me why do you ...

is the worst possible foundation, because:
1) it's java based
2) it's java based
3) is a complete bollocks because it is designed to be like java.
4) it automatically adds conflicts to the software on any system it is installed on, as does software created with it.

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Re: eclipse is the worst possible foundation

by Eric.Talbot In reply to eclipse

Looks like you like it very much but unfortunately you did not convince me. Lack of real world example.

The only thing i will remember now is Jaqui hates Java !

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Doesn't make sense to me

by michael.durkin In reply to IBM finally got the messa ...

It seems like a waste to me since Lotus Notes looses market share every year. I suppose that they feel they can make up for it in the Linux market, but I think that will prove to be wrong. Most Linux admins are inclued toward open source alternatives.

That's my opinion, but time will tell if I am right.

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by jdclyde In reply to Doesn't make sense to me

I am not aware of an open source alternative that can scale the way Domino can. Keep in mind the major corporations that use it will have HUNDREDS of Domino servers.

I can not see a major corp going away from Domino any time soon, especially to an open source alternative. They will want a company that owns and stands behind that product. (someone to blame)

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Well, yes but...

by michael.durkin In reply to Alternatives?

Granted, but if there is a need, it will be generated before too long.

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can't argue your logic,

by Jaqui In reply to Well, yes but...

I actually posted this as a poke at IBM for taking so long to truly live up to their claim of supporting open source operating systems.

IBM has only had server software on open source platforms until now, I say that without the Desktop software they are not really supporting open source platforms.

as well as my usual poke at java, since with multiple jvms it's the worst choice for developing anything.

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Linux Market

by Eric.Talbot In reply to Doesn't make sense to me

With version 6.5 and something , Web access was provided to Linux platform through what they call DWA. Lots of people were asking for much more functionnality on Linux.

I guess the real benefit of this, is to be a true cross platform alternative as it always been.

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