IBM Net Vista freeze up

By jufarah56 ·
I have an IBM 6578 THU netvista for a few years now. I ran everything from Linux or SLAX to MS Server 2000 or XP. Always took what ever format I had to give.
I've recently come up with a problem. I've tried last week to install MS Server 2000 again after a Linux Debian was already installed. I've been getting a problem no matter what I try to run. I've even tried SLAX linux which runs off of the CD rom and it tells me I've passed through some sort of zone...I forgot. But even when I reformatted and tried to put the MS Server 2000 on, it keeps on freezing up after it starts the GUI part of the setup.
It's out of warranty so I'm sure IBM wants my credit card # for a PC that's a P III/133 with SD ram 256 mb max and 20 GB HDD I don't think it's worth it. But I'm attached and would like to practice Server again.
Any ideas as to wether it's the HDD or power supply....? or something else I could try?

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Maybe your HDD

by Norehca In reply to IBM Net Vista freeze up

The only problem a PSU can cause on your computer is disabling it from running. In other words a PSU will fail (stop running) and some of its cords may be dead and anything attached to those wont work but thats about it (minus blowing up and destroying the whole thing). It has nothing to do with any problems in your computer.

HDD maybe. What are you using to format your hard drive? I suggest partition magic. Ive been using it forever and it has never failed me.

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Maybe your HDD

by jufarah56 In reply to Maybe your HDD

I was using an old software on a floppy called Drive Works. It's slow but effective. At least for the most part. I'll try to switch chords. Although I hope PSU means hard drive.
I appreciate the input. Thanks

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Is the BIOS Date & Time Correct?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IBM Net Vista freeze up

If not the most obvious thing is that the CMOS Battery has gone flat. These are a Lithium Coin Sized Battery which should cost you less that $2.00 to replace.

They keep the settings in BIOS that you have made and when they go flat they make the computer work in a really screwy manner without much in the way of recognisable problems.

Although Error Messages are Important and it would be nice to know what that error message that you got was as that could make it easier to track down.


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Netvista 6578-D5D also freeze

by valerio.v In reply to Is the BIOS Date & Time C ...

My Netvista also have the same problem. During Windows XP install, after it shows the Windows XP logo, it reboots or freezes. I tried Windows 2000 Server, it freezes.

I Have already updated the BIOS to latest one - 2003 version. I have tried built-in video and AGP card ATI Mach 64. Both have the same symptoms.

When i go to SAFE MODE, it hangs during the loading of AGP4400 file.

beats the **** why it hangs. already changed the lithium battery (CR2032). Even run the IBM diagnostics diskette and did the video tests and quick tests, which all passed???!!!

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Netvista 6578-D5D also freeze

by jufarah56 In reply to Netvista 6578-D5D also fr ...

Although I'm not happy this happened to you I'm glad I'm not the only one. I changed the battery and stuff also.
I guess the only thing to do is to buy another motherboard w/pc133 RAM and switch over so I don't lose everything and still have another pc to play with.
Thanks for the reply.

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my metvista locked up too

by tomdmcgrath In reply to Netvista 6578-D5D also fr ...

Look at the top.

13637 tmcgrath 16 0 98280 25m 17m S 0.0 10.4 0:05.53 nautilus
29841 tmcgrath 16 0 4532 1952 1460 S 0.0 0.8 0:00.05 bash
3017 messageb 15 0 3684 920 688 S 0.0 0.4 0:11.87 dbus-daemon
13215 root 15 0 160m 14m 3864 S 0.0 5.9 0:32.80 X
13340 tmcgrath 15 0 3776 784 660 S 0.0 0.3 0:00.02 dbus-daemon
13633 tmcgrath 18 0 44088 8712 6616 S 0.0 3.5 0:00.94 gnome-panel
13689 tmcgrath 15 0 40172 **28 7064 S 0.0 3.7 0:01.77 main-menu

the X server has a memory leak.
These finding are prelinanry but it does look

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