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IBM Netfinity 5000 Server

By mmdorsey ·
Hello, My name is Mike Dorsey, I'm a student working an externship with a company that would like to bring up a spare server (Netfinity 5000) and have it ready in case of failure of one on the online servers. I have virtually no experiance with Netfinity Servers. What I would like to do is set it up from scratch. I would he loading windows 2000 server as the operating system. I would also be setting up RAID to support it. Would I need to set up the BIOS a particular way to make it work? and if so where would I get this information?

I do realize the information provided is not very specific, and that's because I running in the blind. I'm just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to get the information I would need to bring this server up. BIOS info, SCSI Info....?

Thank You, Mike Dorsey

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IBM Technical Documentation

by BFilmFan In reply to IBM Netfinity 5000 Server

I would recommend that you pull the technical documentation for that server from IBM's website and then develop your plan.

Depending on what OS you are using for the online servers, your plans might vary a great deal.

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IBM Netfinity 5000

by palmerwill In reply to IBM Netfinity 5000 Server

Did you have any luck finding the technical documentation? I am an a similar position to yourself, with little/no knowledge of building such a server I have been asked to do so and am struggling. I will also be using Windows 2000 (adv. server), and am intending on using RAID 5 if it is available.

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by winkyx In reply to IBM Netfinity 5000 Server

Snap out of it man! Your magic jelly bean is still waiting for you at If you're gonna make it in this business, you're gonna have to have the answers or know where to find 'em, so get used to searching ibm, hp, compaq, cicso, and all those guys...a lot. Check eBay for parts, you can buy complete systems for under $100 all day long.

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Not that Difficult to setup Netfinity 5000

by tbearlive4u In reply to IBM Netfinity 5000 Server

Though I bought my first netfinity 5000 from ubid, only came with 64 MB ram, no hard drive.
Enough to put Ubuntu Lamp Server, OS/2 or DOS, but nothing more.

I located a hard drive, takes the hot pluggable from (best price that I found), secondary is

Then I was able to locate 1GB (4-256MB ram) off ebay. The SCSI drives will be recognized. If you want RAID, need to install more than 1 drive.

The Linux i like better and used was Debian 3.1r5, can be installed off the internet after burning a single boot cd (should have a broadband connection for this).

My total cost for procuring and getting my netfinity up and running is as follows:

Netfinity $100
Hard drive, 9GB $45
1 GB RAM, $36

Total $181

The netfinity 5000 has a max of 2GB and max of 5 18GB hard drives.

hope this helps!

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Netfinity 5000 not recognizing hot swap

by david786 In reply to Not that Difficult to set ...

Netfinity 5000 server - hot swap drives?
I have several IBM netfinity servers with hot swap drives. I hate to get rid of these servers, they are incredibly reliable, but I need some info on them to keep running.

They are configured with RAID 5 using 5 hot swap 18gig drives p/n 25L1952

Is it possible to use other newer drives with a larger capacity? I understand the microcode might be a prob on the newer drives. Does anyone have any p/n recommndations for replacement drives, or even better larger capacity scsi drives???

Secondly, a while back I purchased 10 replacement drives that were "pulled" from an other running systems. 2 worked the rest are not recognized when they are inserted into the hot swap drive bays. No matter if I reboot, or go into the RAID ARRAY config and do a "scan" for changes, it does not pick up the new drives, and continues to display the serial number of the older drive.

Years ago a tech I worked with who was the expert on these systems told me that you have to make a drive that was previously used...."virgin" again before the hot swap bay will pick it up.

I'm not sure if there is a utility for that, or if you just need to format it or low lever format it.

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

I would love to keep these systems running as long as possible.

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IMBPDF on the netfinity 5000

by loydeastburn In reply to IBM Netfinity 5000 Server

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