IBM Question ~ One TS7700 attached two physical TS3500 library ???

By jackysu_ibm ·
Dear Sir,

Currently I would like to survey mainframe VTL to backup our daily data, but for our internal policy that we have backup data to local and remote site.
If we implemented only one TS7700 VTS , may we attached two physical library (TS3500) and daily backup to different tape library ????

If not,that mean we have to purchase two pair TS7700&TS3500 and put it to different location ?



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Well depending on what you are trying to protect your Data from

by OH Smeg In reply to IBM Question ~ One TS7700 ...

Off Site Storage is highly sought after. If you where to have a fire or Flood in your location then all your Data would be destroyed with only a very expensive recovery option that may be possible to bring some of it back.

Is it worth the risk to your Data to not have the Backup off Site? The last Dead HDD that I have to have recovered cost $46,000.00 AU and that was only a 80 GIG HDD that is the costs that you are looking at and in the event of a Flood it will not be possible to have the recovery performed Locally and within 24 hours. Can you risk loosing all of the data?

Remember that the Australian Taxation Office doesn't accept Data Destruction as a valid reason for failing to provide the necessary Accounting Data when you are audited and if you are unable to provide them with the required Data they can then Make up their own minds as to how much Tax needs paying which will always be more than what the Company needs to pay and may also include Payroll Tax for the Employees which they claim has not been paid.


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by Jellimonsta In reply to IBM Question ~ One TS7700 ...

Do you need to backup <u>to</u> a remote site, or do you just need a backup of your data stored in a remote location? Very different things...<br>
If it is the latter, you should only need 1 library and you can just rotate tapes weekly (or monthly dependant upon policy) to a remote secure location.<br>
There are usually services that will come and pick up/ deliver backup tapes.<br>
It is really dependant upon your DR plan, and the corporations acceptable level of risk.

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