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IBM Think Pad Password protection

By Ralenm ·
I was given an IBM Think Pad T23, the reason it was given to me was because an employee has gone into the BIOS and set a password then quit the company. I was told the computer was useless so it was given to me. The computer loads up to the point where it ask for the password and the is it. There must be a way to reset the password. Could I do an upgrade on the BIOS and reset the password. Any Ideas would help because I don't have a clue. Thanks

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by NZ_Justice In reply to IBM Think Pad Password pr ...

detach the battery for about 30 Min's this should wipe the bios password.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to

this solution worked for my IBM think Pad.

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by G... In reply to IBM Think Pad Password pr ...

You can take off the battery as said but read the manual from the web site. There's probably a possibility to reset the password eassily.

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by TheChas In reply to IBM Think Pad Password pr ...

For most laptops, Think Pad's included, you cannot reset the BIOS password by removing the battery.

There is no internal jumper, or simple work-arounds.

There are hacks posted at a number of hacking sites.

The recommended procedure is to take the laptop to an IBM service center with proof of ownership, and have them reset the password.

The strong password protection is in part to make stolen laptops less valuable.

On some HP laptops, you have to remove and replace the soldered in BIOS flash ROM.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IBM Think Pad Password pr ...

With all Think Pads the password in BIOS can only be altered by an IBM Service Centre or replace the M'Board as the Password is in a separate non volatile section of the BIOS chip.

You could disconnect the BIOS battery for a month and it will not make any difference. I take it that the person who set the Pass Word left on less than Ideal Terms Right?


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by bdowdell In reply to IBM Think Pad Password pr ...

Sorry but don't just assume that the BIOS was password protected. Look at the screen when it asks you for the password and see if there is a icon with a padlock.IBM ThinkPads have a hard drive lock that is set to a password. With this, you can't do anything about it unless pay someone to unlock the drive. IBM doesn't do this. A few companies advertise on the net that they do it but it is a little pricey. There is also a guy in Austraila that will sell you plans for his gadget to do it yourself. I had this problem and decided it was cheaper (ALOT) to just replace the hard drive. Cost me $25 bucks for a used drive at a show. Now this laptop that was thrown out works great! And no, you cannot Format the drive.

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