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    IBM Thinkpad Dock II – Having issues with mouse


    by mybraingotstolen ·

    I have a IBM Thinkpad R50, which doesn’t have a mouse port. Luckily I have a Thinkpad Dock II… well I thought I was lucky at first. Then I plug it in and plug the power supply into that and it works fine. I plug in a mouse and… nothing happens. I’ve tried plugging in several different mice and have had no effect. I plugged in a number pad to the keyboard slot and the number pad does not work either. The num lock light does come on but it still does not work.

    Is there suppose to be software that I need to operate with the dock? If so, I cannot find it. Does anyone have a link to it or know a solution?

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      by mybraingotstolen ·

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      Here are the Destructions for the Lenovo Dock 11

      by oh smeg ·

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      If you mean PS2 Mouse Port you need to install the PS2 Driver as the R50 doesn’t have a PS2 port so there is no driver installed. However if you use a USB Mouse there should be no problem.

      However I’m not sure that the Think Pad Dock 11 was ever designed for this model NB as under XP it is claimed that no drivers are required but you obviously need the PS2 driver that isn’t there. With the NB Docked open the Device Manager and see if there are any Devices without drivers installed. If there are any yellow circles with a Black mark through them load Unknown Device Identifier and run it. IBM is famous for having Hardware not supported by current generation OS’s which to be fair to IBM they never designed most of their devices to work with Desktop OS’s so it’s not entirely a bad thing as they make their stuff way too well and it lasts a lot longer than it should.

      Anyway you can try looking on either IBM or Lenovo Web Sites for any identified Device Drivers but you may need to hunt around on the Web for these if they are available.


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