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IBM Thinkpad Erratic Mouse Behavior!!

By lee ·
I have had many IBM Thinkpads (TP) (x40, x41, r40) and it has occured on all models, in addition I have colleagues that experience intermittent issues with their IBM TP's; where the mouse curser/pointer slams down to the lower right side of the screen and bugs-out with clicks and movement. It has gotten to a point where it occurs 1 times I use IE 6 and 7. When it occurs, it completely hinders the laptop!

I opened a case with IBM not too long ago and they basically said, if it doesnt happen in safe-mode then its not our problem.

Is anyone else experiencing this and/or have a solution?

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ThinkPad + VirusScan 8i

by pjdelsh007 In reply to IBM Thinkpad Erratic Mous ...

Just saw your post, I have the same problem. I have found the cause: McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8i. Whenever it updates itself with a new DAT, the cursor jumps to the lower right for the duration of the update.

Have you learned anything about this?
pjdelsh007 AT hotmail

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i'm trying to learn more about this <g>

by jplzz In reply to ThinkPad + VirusScan 8i

I have similar issue to the one posted here. I have Symantec on my machine.

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Same Issue

by steak1986 In reply to i'm trying to learn more ...

I work at unc and recently got an X41, from a staff memeber, it does the smae thing. I use symantec corporate, so it cant be a A/V issue. I had the keyboard and mouse replaced, and it wasnt a hard ware issue. I had the laptop reformatted, done by another IS team so it could just be an image, and am still having the problem. Hope this helps.

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ThinkPad Mouse

by pjdelsh007 In reply to ThinkPad + VirusScan 8i

Everytime Mcafee did an auto update for it's DAT, the mouse would go nuts.

I updated to the latest McAfee VirusScan 8.5 patch 3 and the issue went away.

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by jplzz In reply to IBM Thinkpad Erratic Mous ...

Is it possible your ThinkPad is seeing two mice. You would need to delete one of them. I hope it gets better for you! I wonder if the T61 has this issue. The x40 was written up as Editors Choice in WIRED Test! I have a T60 and am having the uncontrollable scrolling issue; wow, getting mice out of my house is easier than resolving this issue. Have you had any feedback of progress from IBM/Lenovo? They got to be working on it.

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Erratic mouse / menu behavior on ThinkPad Edge 14 (Win 7 Pro)

by Saildestiny In reply to IBM Thinkpad Erratic Mous ...

I have this problem, but only when connected to the GPS in my Sailboat (USB input via a Serial to USB adapter). It appears that the GPS strings are being interpreted as advanced TouchPad commands. How can I change the settings on the TouchPad to act like a simple 2 button mouse?

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Need to replace Synaptic Driver with basic PS2 mouse driver

by Saildestiny In reply to IBM Thinkpad Erratic Mous ...

I got this behavior to stop by disabling as many of the extra TouchPad and TrackPoint features as I could find in Ctl Panel/Mouse/UltraNav and it stops! It however resets something upon boot and starts all over again. Does anyone know of a generic PS2 mouse driver that could be substituted for the Synaptic driver?

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