IBM Thinkpad T41 - 176 Error - System has been tampered with

By stevekirkland100 ·

I am in need of your help. I have a IBM Thinkpad T41 that I am having a bit of trouble with. When I try to start it up it shows an error message - System has been tampered with, then after that prompts me for a password.

It will not let me into the bios to change any settings and I am not aware of any passwords I have set. Any time I try to enter the bios its refers me to the error message and then the password prompt.

Any help or ideas is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Go here

by Tig2 In reply to IBM Thinkpad T41 - 176 Er ...

IBM confirms the error code you notes and has a solution on this page. If their solution does not work for you, I believe that they have a feedback mechanism that may help.

Good luck!

EDIT to add- in further reading, it may be that your system board had decided to die on you. If that is the case, you will want to take as little action as possible until you have either replaced the system board or spoken to a professional. Your drive may be accessible through other means to retrieve your files. You DO have a recent backup???

Good luck!

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Error Code

by stevekirkland100 In reply to Go here

Thanks for that,

However the IBM help suggests that under error code 176 I should run the bios and save any changes. When i attempt to do this the TP beeps twice and reverts me to the error message then password prompt. Does this mean its the system board? Or is there anything else I can do?


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This is really one for IBM to fix

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Error Code

The T40 Series Think Pads have their own encryption Chip on Board and you need IBM to change over the M'Boards so that they will save your Encryption Keys and all your data will not be turned to trash.


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run the bios?

by rahmatsaeedi In reply to Error Code

I had the same problem... To fix that 1)
I opened the case 2)then took out the back up battery-a battery simillar"watch battery"- 3)switched the jumper to "clear" 4) waited for about 30 minutes 5)inserted the back up battery again 6)closed the case 7)restart the camputer and I was in the BIOS-THE PASSWORD ON THE BIOS WAS also REMOVED- and changed the settings. Saved the settings 9)shut down the camputer 10)opened the case again 11)switched back the jumper to "normal" 12) closed the case 13)restarted the camputer, & it was working well...

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by habomaster In reply to run the bios?

Is this for the IBM t4x-series? Where do I find the cmos clearing jumper?
Some t40's have a security chip, would this work on them as well?

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by emaccart In reply to IBM Thinkpad T41 - 176 Er ...

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