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IBM Travelstar format problem

By rcosgrove ·
I cannot get IBM Travelstar DARA-206000 to format. 12416 cyl, 15 heads. No windows OS partitions or formats correctly - misrepresents size as 36 Gb instead of 6 Gb ????

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by wlbowers In reply to IBM Travelstar format pro ...

That is an IBM Travelstar 12GN drive

When you copy and paste url remove any spaces that appear.

First make sure it is compatable. This is an issue with this drive.$file/dara_comw.pdf

If compatability is ok make sure it is jumpered right.$file/dara_ig.PDF

Once you have the above taken care of. How does your computer handle it. Does it autodetect or did you have to enter the drive information by hand.

Post your findings along with your computer make and model and we will help.

Good Luck Lee

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by rcosgrove In reply to

I have run DFT and low-level formatted these drives on a Twinhead P88 laptop, then tried to use the drives in a USB-to-IDE bridge device called BAFO which uses 2.5" drives in an enclosure connected to USB port. All other types of Travelstar works - 3.85 Gb, 2 Gb, 10 Gb all work fine -- I only have this issue with the one DARA-206000 model drive. ???? After the drive is partitioned and formatted, I place it in the USB device and the OS (Win98, ME or XP) will not recognize it.

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