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IBM vs HP Blades

By matt.harding ·
Hi there I am currently evaluating both IBM HS20 and HP BL35p & BL25p Blades and was wondering if anyone had any comments on either. Any pitfalls to watch for or anything that differentiates the two. I am more interested in the managability and usability in IBM Director and HP RDM as I have found that the hardware itself is fairly resiliant.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IBM vs HP Blades

Well personally I would go with IBM as they are just better and offer a far better service for their products. As well the new IBM Blades can be stacked with very few wires hanging out the back so this is a major advantage.

There is one other thing that you have to keep in mind if this place is doing any Graphic Rendering and already have Intel CPU's in a Blade array you'll have to stick with the Intel CPU's as the AMD and Intel give different colors due to the Float ring Point Integer so if this is a use there for the sake of your sanity you'll have to stick with the same type of CPU that is already there and that also includes the desktop unless Thin Clients are being run.

If you are looking at a complete new install you may get away with the AMD CPU's but any previous work done on Intel CPU's will come out a different color so this might be a reason to stick with Intel CPU's if you had those previously or AMD CPU's if you had them previously. However if you have never run Blades previously you'll have to look at the Desktop CPU's to make your finial decision as to which type of CPU you need to use.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

There is something else that you also have to consider with Blades and that is do you have sufficient cooling available for the array you intend to install. You may have to increase the cooling capacity to the area where the Blades will reside generally speaking the IBM's do run cooler and do not require as much extra in the way of unrelated things like available power and AC to work properly they also tend to be cheaper to run as well.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Just as an after thought you are comparing IBM with Intel CPU's against HP with AMD CPU's I take it that you are aware that both companies make Blades with both types of CPU aren't you?

If you are going to be stuck with one brand of CPU because of the work they will be doing it would be a better option to first look at which CPU type you'll actually need and then look for Blades that suit your needs. Just limiting yourself to these two models is not giving you enough choice as to what your solution can be.

Also you'll need to look into expansion possibilities for the future as well If you can use the U3 Rack System it will give you a lot more room to play with when the time comes to add more Computing power. The U1 Racks just take too much space and are a jungle of wires behind them which makes it hard to fault find on them.

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by matt.harding In reply to

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by matt.harding In reply to IBM vs HP Blades

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