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Thanks in advance.

Travelling, bring with me the images of WinXP Pro CD, MS Office 2003 CD and others on DVD. Computer breaks down, need to install on another desktop but the original WinXP Pro CD is not around so cannot boot the Installation Disk.

Work around? Yes, I install Win 98 on HDD, from there install WinXP Pro from a CD brunt with the images of WinXP Pro files (but not bootable) as upgrade from Win 98 to WinXP Pro. It works.

Now have everything installed on C:, and the followings puzzle me:

(1) If the system has only one drive on, the HDD activity light is always on, looks like the system is accessing the disk.
(2) If another drive(physical disk) is attached to Seconday IDE, the disk activity light is back to normal (i.e. flashing only when the disk is being accessed), but the icon of such drive (icon beside to the name of the drive in File Explorer) is different, in light pale blue, a small rectangular box on top, a circle looks like a CD at the bottom in front of a picture (similar to that of the file "setup.exe").

(a)Why the HDD activity light is always on when there is only one HDD?
(b)What does that icon represent?
(c)What is wrong with my system?
(d)Where can I find the explanation of the meanings of all these icons used in Windows?

Help please and many thanks.

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Hard disks

by p.j.hutchison In reply to icons used in WinXP Pro F ...

1. First make sure its jumpers and ide cable connections are correct and secure.
Also, check services, make sure the Indexing service is turned off.
2. Check to see if there is a Autorun.inf file in the C root. Remove it, and the icon should return to normal.

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