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    ICQ and NT 4


    by ashapoo_jain ·

    When recently i installed NT 4 service pack 5 option pack 4, i started having problems with ICQ. We have firewall and use socks server 5. The ICQ does not registers on the Mirabilis server , but i had no problem of such kind while i was using Win 98prior to NT. Can anyone solve this problem?

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      ICQ and NT 4

      by compaqer ·

      In reply to ICQ and NT 4

      I don’t know why it worked on W98, but not WNT. But I can say that ICQ on NT 4 requires the use of the UDP protocol, remote port 4000. UDP is possibly being filtered out by your firewall.

      If so, you need to add a filter exception to allow inbound/outbound UDP from remote port 4000, to/from dynamic local ports.

      Good luck,

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      ICQ and NT 4

      by hjs ·

      In reply to ICQ and NT 4

      You may have already done this. Are you using the W98 version on NT? I thing there is a NT version. That may do the trick.

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