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    ICQ and NT


    by ashapoo_jain ·

    When recently i installed NT 4 service pack 5 option pack 4, i started having problems with ICQ. We have firewall and use socks server 5. The ICQ does not registers on the Mirabilis server , but i had no problem of such kind while i was using Win 98prior to NT. Can anyone solve this problem?

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      ICQ and NT

      by jmaynard ·

      In reply to ICQ and NT

      If you are using MS Proxy as your firewall, have you installed the Proxy client on your NT machine? I am running NT and sp5 with ICQ while going through a MS Proxy firewall with no trouble. I hope this helps.

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      ICQ and NT

      by curious_george ·

      In reply to ICQ and NT

      In addition to answer one, which is entirely correct, there are a couple other concerns.

      In order to work from behind a firewall:

      1.ICQ must be able to communicate with an ICQ server. This is done through port 4000 UDP to ! Port should be opened for and not any specific IP address, since it stands for more than one IP address.

      After an outgoing UDP packet is sent to port 4000, you must configure the firewall so that a reply on that packet will be able to be received through the firewall. If your firewall session times out in less than 5 minutes, configure the ICQ preferences accordingly:
      Click ICQ/Menu and choose Preferences Hit Connection and select ‘I am behind a firewall or proxy’ and click the Firewall Settings button.
      If you can not change your firewall configurations in this way, you may use one of two proxys:
      a.Socks5 Compatible. If you are using a Socks5 Compatible, configure ICQ accordingly: Click ICQ/Me

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