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    ICS and Linksys Router


    by tjnash09 ·

    I have a wireless computer and connected to a computer without wireless access. I want to use the wireless computer as a gateway to the router and then the internet. There seems to be a NAT conflict. Can anyone help?

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      by mshavrov ·

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      Are you using your neighbor’s Internet connection?


      Seriously, if own the Internet router, why don’t you connect the second computer to the router by the wire?

      And yes, you can install the Internet Connection Sharing and use the wireless PC as a gateway for wired PC. You should define different IP addresses for the Wireless and for Wired NIC cards. Then you configure your wired PC with the IP address of your Wired interface on the gateway, and define it as default gateway.

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      Reply To: ICS and Linksys Router

      by tjnash09 ·

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      We have an apartment complex with one computer having the internet and the wireless router. The Wireless NIC on this desktop doesn’t work but the one on the laptop does.

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