ICS and VoIP gateway

By dhopkins ·
OK guys, I think I have the puzzle of the day here. On the surface it sounds quite simple but everything I have tried just will not work.

First the goal. I live in a very rual area and the only type of broadband available is cellular. so I subscribed to sprint evdo and got the Novatel Ovation U747 aircard. It has a USB connection to the computer and the card works great. I have great speeds and low latency. Next I set up an internet connection sharing on a winxp box and then connected to a linksys router mod# BEFSX41. I was able to set up the ICS and it works fine as well. I can see the other computer and surf the web from both machines. Now, I want to get a VoIP telephone service so I called phone power and had them send me a gateway. I plugged the gateway into the connection between the ICS host and the router. Everything still works EXCEPT the gateway. I can access the router from the ICS slave. I can access the gateway from the ICS slave. When i do this I see that the WAN IP for the gateway is 192.168.0.XXX, a local IP. I tried to disable DHCP on the router to no avail, and because of the Zero in the thirs string of the WAN IP I have to think that the IP is being assigned by the ICS host.(Dosen't turning on ICS make your host a DHCP server and local addresses begin with Anyway I called phone power and they said that I couldn't use ICS because it didn't provide a outfacing IP for the VoIP device. can anyone help me with this? Ive been working on this over 24 hours and I'm getting frustrated. Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried "skype"?.

Download skype and try this as your Voip.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Downloading Skype now

by dhopkins In reply to Have you tried "skype"?.

I am downloading skype as i post ( prolly done before i finish) but I REALLY wanted to figure out this IP issue. It just sounds to easy not to be able to just make it happen. I'm kinda on a personal quest to make this voip gateway work.

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More info on Voip gateways....

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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ICS does not route SIP. Try CradlePoint

by TechRepublic In reply to ICS and VoIP gateway

I tried to do something similar and discovered that ICS does not route SIP which is the protocol used by VOIP phones. Bummer!

Skype is terrific but it does not solve your problem, unless you want to use your ICS box as an expensive telephone. You could just as easily use the ICS box as your VOIP phone.

The solution that I found was a CradlePoint router. They are terrific little home routers that are both easy to manage and have great features. ALSO they support broadband cards in addition to a regular Ethernet connection. I plug my Ovation U747 into the CradlePoint which immediately recognizes it.

Check them out. CradlePoint has an incredibly good solution for routing broadband from a cellular modem. I carry mine with me when I travel so that I have a wireless hotspot anywhere there is a cell phone signal.

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