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    ICS connection problem


    by meafixall ·

    I am using a usb aircard to connect to the internet, no problems there. I have set up ICS on the host(WIN XP sp3) to share using the wireless card onboard the laptop. Both of the client computers connect and can browse the internet. If the host disconnects from the internet for any reason and then reconnects the clients can use Skype but can nolonger browes the internet. The only way I have found to reestablish a proper connection is to run the “network wizard” on the host to set up a new network connection. Yes it does work but it is very frustrating to have to go thru this step each time.As long as the host stays powered up and connected to the internet the clients keep a good connection.As I said before, once the host breaks the internet connection and reestablishes it the clients can only use Skype but are not able to browse anymore.

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