ICS Problem

By hanekwj ·

I have used ICS in the past with great success. My PC, two laptops and HP printer with web applications all connected perfectly through my ICS host (PC). I beleive that when you enable ICS Windows automatically configures your IP settings.

The situation arose when I went to a event for LAN gaming and I had to change my IP configuration to allow me onto the network.

Upon my return home, i re-enabled ICS but my ICS clients are unable to use the internet.

I have reviewed the settings on one of the clients and it does indicate that the default gateway is and that it is getting the information from MSHOME.NET as microsoft says it should. The information that I find to be missing, which I know was there in the past is the preffered DNS server. This information is now missing from both ICS host and clients. I did not write it down. I remember it started with

Does anyone have an idea, or the answer to my dillema?

I know my network is sound because I can access shared resources and print from all print clients

Any assistance will be appreciated.


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Look Up DNS Server on Host

by JFPSF In reply to ICS Problem

Assuming the host can access the internet, look up what address the host has for the DNS server, and use that for the clients.

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You default gateway will act as a DNS forwarder

by robo_dev In reply to ICS Problem

therefore should be the setting for your DNS server. If there is only one, you don't need to set the secondary to be the same. Just add that value as the primary DNS server.

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3rd party DNS

by oldbaritone In reply to ICS Problem

First choice for DNS should probably be your router, which will forward requests to the servers specified by DHCP when it connects.

If you're completely lost and can't get DNS, you can try a 3rd party DNS server like

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Request for Clarification

by seanferd In reply to 3rd party DNS

Ah - best not suggest OpenDNS at this point. If the network requires an nxdomain response before attempting local resolution (believe me - most do), then using OpenDNS and some ISP DNS services which give you a search page redirect rather than nxdomain will likely compound issues with the broken LAN.

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Always good. Or if we have the name of the ISP...

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Do you see more than one Local Area Connection listed?

by seanferd In reply to ICS Problem

Pick the one for your network, if using the router gateway address for DNS doesn't work somehow.

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