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    ICS trouble


    by john99 ·

    I have two computers on a peer-to-peer network, and I’m going crazy trying to make ICS work. The host computer is connected to the internet over a cable modem. The network connection works fine; both computers see each other and exchange data withno trouble. ICS installed with no trouble, and TCP/IP settings are correct and correctly bound.

    There was a time when the client connected properly – just this morning after running 98SE setup again, but after restarting the client, all collapsed again-IE reports no connection available even after running the wizard again and again.

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      ICS trouble

      by jesalyer ·

      In reply to ICS trouble

      I have only set up one of the ICS rigs, so when I did I researched the living daylights out of it.

      I would recommend starting with the winipcfg steps found on this Microsoft Knowledge base article: Q238135.

      It has a pretty good resolution ratefrom previous posts here regarding ICS issues.

      jeff s
      spanish support analyst

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      ICS trouble

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to ICS trouble

      If I understand the current situation, there is connectivity between the computers (they can see each other in Network Neighborhood and can ping one another successfully) but IE can’t find it’s way to the Internet from the client.

      If you can pingthe outside world using an IP address, it’s a name resolution issue and you need to make sure the DNS setting on the client is pointed to the DNS for your ISP.

      If you cannot ping the outside world using an IP address, it is likely that your gateway address on the client is wrong – it should be set to the internal IP address of the computer connected to the cable modem (make sure you’re looking at the internal IP address – by default, I believe and not the IP address bound to thecable modem card).

      hope this helps…. if not, write back!


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      ICS trouble

      by mark.tassin ·

      In reply to ICS trouble

      I have found with ICS when you install it during initial setup of Win98SE it never works.

      The solution I have found is to go into the Windows Setup and remove ICS. Reboot your computer and then reinstall ICS. ICS then runs it’s little wizard and asks you whether you have a high speed connection (DSL Cable Modem) or a Dialup and then configures itself for you.

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