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ICS- USB Satellite Connection

By Carol ·
On a home network I successfully had ICS running from an XP-Pro host for several months. Sharing a DialUp ISDN connection..

Now this home network's ISP has changed to a satellite connection, hosted by DirecWay. DW has supplied a USB-Modem, which must be connected to the computer, with it's own software. In this case the business edition of the DirecWay software.

I had problems getting ICS to work initially and had to remove every network component, the Direcway software, and reinstall which resulted in a working functioning ICS situation.

Just a few days later, I get a call that the clients can no longer access the internet. I returned to the site, and what I'm seeing is that the ICS clients are being given DHCP assigned IP addresses, and Gateway (correct subnet), but they can't seem to get "out" to the internet. I did try statically assigning IP information, (including DNS) but still did not result in the client being able to access the internet. I also noted that the client cannot "ping" the gateway.

Has anyone had similar experience with USB internet connections, not quite being handled the same as Ethernet, or DialUp connections, when it comes to Windows XP's ICS?

ICS Host Notes: XP-Pro, 1 Ethernet NIC on internal network, 1 USB satellite connection to internet, No other connection devices. IP information on the host for both devices is "correct". Internal NIC does not have Firewall protection applied to it. Host is acessing internet without problems, however I do notice that there is a delayed time, when the computer boots up, before it recognizes it has a connection to the internet. The IP which is being assigned to the ethernet NIC by ICS is the default, which is the address of the Gateway assigned on the client.

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ICS- USB Satellite Connection

I recommend contacting DirectWay. I spoke to one of their representatives a couple of weeks ago about setting up a satellite Internet connection and sharing it in my home. She told me that DirectWay "doesn't allow" Internet access sharing. Perhaps they have coded something into their software that disables the sharing. That would also explain the delay in boot up. The software may be checking the Internet set up to see if ICS is turned on. Hope this helps.


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ICS- USB Satellite Connection

by Carol In reply to ICS- USB Satellite Connec ...

SB... that is interesting, however, this DirecWay customer has purchased the Business Edition package, which they state can be shared, however on at least one tech support call, the technician informed me that they've encountered problems with "ICS", and recommended a third party software for the internet connection sharing.
They are now in fact suggesting that my client purchase another hardware device which is essentially a Gateway/Router, which will run the connection to the satellite, and share out the connection via it's ethernet side, the device sells for $799, and I'm not jumping at it.

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