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ICS with Win 98 and Win2000

By mdb ·
I have a client with an older Win98 machine (not Win 98se) with a DSL modem installed and working. He's now purchased a new computer with Win2000 and wants to share the internet connection between the two machines. I'll have no problem networkng thetwo machines but have a question about sharing that modem. As I understand it, 98 does not have ICS pre-installed but the 2000 does. Would it be smarter to upgrade the OS on the old machine to something that has ICS or would it be smarter to move the DSL modem to the Win2000 machine and install just the ICS client on the older computer? Or is there a third party software package that would work well on the 98 box, enabling me to leave the modem where it is and leave the operating system alone?

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possible third option

by satans_minion_666 In reply to ICS with Win 98 and Win20 ...

could not install the modem into the win2k machine and just point the win98 box to use the win2k one as a proxy?

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Tried go

by corkybenle In reply to possible third option

Hey guys,

I have a client trying to do the same thing. He has a 2000 box connected to a Bellsouth DSL modem. He has a 98 box that he want to use the DSL line on via the 2000 sharing. I can't seem to figure it out.

First thing: To get the two computers to see each other and share files, can I just use TCP/IP or am I stuck with NetBeui?

If I can avoid using NetBeui, does that mean I need to run a DNS or WINS setup on my 2000 box?

Second: I "click" enable ICS on the 2000 box, it tells me it wants to use as the IP address. I cannot seem to get the 98 box to see the address as the default gateway.

Any help would be appreciated.


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