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ICT IT management "style"

By areets ·
Building internally driven operational efficiency into long- and short-term business strategies is more than what present style of IT management can offer today.

How many companies you have worked for, where IT managers have a built and plotted knowledge matrix; rather than the physical number of human resources; as per your infrastructure technology support. That must be the framework theme of every operational and engineering department of companies in the ICT sector supporting a diverse of IT computing technology.

In the telecommunications sector, the difficulties blocking IT managers? effectiveness is the three-dimensional approach to team management that classical IT managers are not familiar with but unfortunately, the sectoris dotted with the classical model. To combine these three dimensions in a SMART manor is what will give ICT sector companies, particularly in the telecommunications sector the edge.

With greater statistical information availability of the ICT sector employment, we will be able to examine closer the ?bad? management decisions taken in the 80s and 90s that had direct impact to companies? earnings and this trend has not finished.

In 2001 in the EU ICT sector non-productivity was related to planning and control (43%) and incompetence (23%). Inclusive motivation, all is under the control of management. As a whole the present expected growth rate of productivity in the ICT sector in the EU to be low in 2002 and 2003, alarming.

I would like to see the EC push for a greater awareness of sector general and performance indicators of professionals in management of IT infrastructure departments in the ICT sector, starting with the telecommunications sector.

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