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ICTP best training facility worldwide!!

By capabel ·
Mutual support and encouragement from members in achieving their personal, social, and professional goals. Institution of high professional standards and the facilitation of the best possible quality of work.
Assessment, evaluation, and finally incorporation new technologies.
Training and nurturing the next generation of craftsmen.

ICTP is an organization for information technology (IT) professionals. Our students and members are dedicated to personal and professional growth in the context of the IT community. But more importantly, they are dedicated to the passionate exploration and continuous development that is at the heart of this field of endeavor.

IT professionals enjoy many benefits at ictp. Among them:

Interpersonalnetworking opportunities with fellow professionals, corporations who need IT pros, IT consulting companies, and IT development and manufacturing companies.
Hands-on access to a formidable array of high-end equipment in state-of-the-art surroundings.
Some of the most comprehensive, sophisticated, real world IT training available anywhere in the world.

Over $5,000,000 in highly sophisticated, enterprise-level networking equipment and software.
20,000+ square foot state-of-the-art facilities: classrooms, conference rooms, recreation areas?
Staff of 30 highly trained, industry recognized specialists.
Largest certification Testing Center in the Western United States.
Largest and most comprehensive CCNP/CCIE Lab in the world.
Most sophisticated Internetworking Lab in the world.
The Hub Caf? where members take a break, play on-line games, and personally connect with other IT pros.

We invite you to browse the site. Discover just how ictp is "helping IT pros learn, grow, and stay successful."

Abel M. Tirre
Technical Sales Consultant
731 E. Ball Road
Anaheim CA 92805
(714) 783-0903

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Pushing ethics

by generalist In reply to ICTP best training facil ...

While the organization sounds like a good one, posting this 'ad' is somewhat out of the proper bounds of the site.

Call it pushing the ethical envelope.

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Agree - this is unethical sales

by davidpmartin In reply to Pushing ethics

I don't know what you hope to accomplish by advertizing here - this is a very bad way to advertize your training company - I will tell people to avoid you simply because I question your ethics.

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New Horizons is much better

by Chris Simon In reply to ICTP best training facil ...

This is a ad. I work for a training company, and in the past 3 years have never posted anything of this nature. We have locations globally, and you pay for the training, not free snacks and sitting around playing Doom.

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by ghstinshll In reply to ICTP best training facil ...

Did I sneeze?/// Oops!

I highly doubt tha tyour ways could be any better than my already developed methods, but thanks for the insult.

Pfreaks..... )-:{

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by capabel In reply to B***Sh**

So you have a 5 millon dollar cisco lab that you use for training also?

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...And I'm sure you do...

by ghstinshll In reply to
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Pretty big claim....

by Sullyman In reply to ICTP best training facil ...

You spam a technical message board, and then go on to claim that you are the ' best training facility worldwide' holy open the door up. What awards have you won? ATEC of year? CTEC of the year? Cisco authorized training center of the year? How many locations worldwide?

You might be large, and well funded. But, a $5,000,000 Cisco router do not make you the best in the world. Being a guy from the trianing industry. I have seen large and well funded training companies come and go, small mom and pop shops dominate markets, and trainers have more of a loyal following than rock stars.

Place 100% of all your grads in related jobs, be recognized by your peers and partners, develop training material that is designed soundly, use trainers that have industry experience, and develop students soft skills as much as their technical skills. Then you can possibly make the claim to being 'ONE' of the best training facilites in the world. AND......DON'T SPAM

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Superlatives and sales hype

by generalist In reply to Pretty big claim....

Whenever I see sales copy claiming that an organization has the 'best' or the 'most comprehensive' abilities/facilities, I wonder how they come up with their ratings.

Superlatives make for good reading and sales hype. Unfortunately, they often lack solid, unbiased evidence that proves they are accurate. And they are often subjective.

Even worse, superlatives make it very easy for claims to be shot down. All you need is one example to the contrary and a 'best' becomes a second best.

That's why claiming to be 'one of the best' is a much better technique.

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This is a joke - right!?!

by mcr12203 In reply to ICTP best training facil ...

This has to be a joke. I'm a relatively new tech (about 2years) and presently working on my CCNA. I personally would not considering taking classes from a place who (in spite of all the bells and whistles they claim) does not even know enough about the industry to know that spamming a message board is a bad thing. Since I'm pretty nieve and tend to give the benefit of the doubt I'll assume its a bad joke.

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