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I'd like to change the BIOS password

By johngrammatico ·
I found an old computer (1998)and I'd like to remove or bypass the bios password. Booting to setup say's "ENTER PASSWORD". How do I get around this so I can make my BIOS changes?

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by carlos.nino In reply to I'd like to change the BI ...
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by MikeLazz In reply to I'd like to change the BI ...

Open up the machine. Remove the the jumpers that connect the power supply to the motherboard. Replace after about 10 seconds.

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by Overmod In reply to I'd like to change the BI ...

I believe Answer 2 will work better if you disconnect
the onboard motherboard battery first! (Also, I'd
disconnect the other devices on the board, and
empty the slots, before pulling the PS connector, just
in case... but that's probably more paranoia than
engineering...) There may also be some reserve
power elsewhere on the board -- IIRC some non-PC
computers, notably older Sun boxes, have a small
battery built into the BIOS chip itself -- so it might take
more than a few seconds without power for the
reset to work.

Be careful when you do this, however -- some older
computers (though probably not as recent as 199
have no autodetect for hard drive type, and you
would need to know some rather specific
information to get the old HD to work when the
computer comes back up. (If it's an IDE drive, you
probably have autodetect, but it pays to know the
information anyway...

Some motherboards provide a set of jumper pins
that perform this reset -- you short them for a
particular length of time, and CMOS (including the
access password) is cleared to defaults. This might
be a bit less extreme than removing all power.

Understandably this information can be a bit hard
to come by! See if any Web sources have
information, manuals, etc. for your specific
motherboard... I had several older machines (486s)
with this feature, and I put a small note inside the
case so that anyone who got the machine after me
would know how to work the secret features...

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by C.Caffee In reply to I'd like to change the BI ...

you will need to reset the bios. check the web for the make /model of the MB they "should" have the jumpers. short the CMOS JUMPER and your in buisness.

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