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I'd like to say THANK YOU to this site!

By islandantoinette ·
I'd like to say THANK YOU to this site!
I had gone on line to try to find the meaning of the beeps on my HP Pavillion Slimline computer. All the "other" sites were pay for this if you want that. You were the only HONEST site that actually gave me a list I could download to find out the meaning. It jogged my memory of the insides of my computer and I was able to take it apart and take out the two RAM chips and clean them and put them back in and voila my computer worked. I can't say THANK YOU enough for this CHRISTMAS GIFT!!
Thank you for being here Tech Republic for me today. I hope the correct people get to see this post.
Antoinette Jackson

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You are very welcome

by Michael Jay In reply to I'd like to say THANK YOU ...

We are glad to be here, and a Very Merry Christmas to you Antoinette


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You're welcome!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I'd like to say THANK YOU ...

And Merry Christmas to you!

You might want to edit your post to remove your email address. Harvesters will find that - if they haven't already - and you'll be drowning in spam. It's never a good idea to publicly post email addresses.

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If I were Cory Doctrow

by seanferd In reply to Erm,..

I might have the same attitude. If I were the average home user, not.

Weird of him to make a sweeping generalization like that*, but for people with that kind of functional web-presence, it really doesn't make sense to bother obfuscating the email address. Every spammer in the world already knows where he is. Of course he doesn't see an uptick in incoming spam.

Never mind the filtering system he has in place, already configured to handle massive amounts of email. But he still manually deletes 100-300 spam mails a day. (Pfft! That's peanuts!)

Of course, I wouldn't suggest to people such as Doctrow that they obfuscate their addresses, as it would indeed be pointless.

*Then again, the sweeping generalization seems to lie mostly in the title the executive summary blurbs**, which likely are not Doctrow's. Ignoring these, the article makes more sense - not as some piece of advice, but as a response. Why hide an email address through which you do business and communicate with large communities?

**I'm sure there are proper names for them.

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From the article's headline:

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Erm,..

"The spam wars aren't going away soon but treating PUBLIC email addresses as secret is of no benefit" (my caps for emphasis)

Public, not private.

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Not to worry, Antoinette

by santeewelding In reply to I'd like to say THANK YOU ...

Three of the more correct have.

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by Michael Jay In reply to Not to worry, Antoinette

it seems that she may want the spam, a Hawaii thing, meaning this may be spam cleverly disguised.

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Did some snooping, too.

by santeewelding In reply to Oops
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by Michael Jay In reply to Did some snooping, too.

human engineering, everyone wants to be complemented, and when you do you click.

I got sucked right in, yay TR, yay Christmas, yay Hawaii


looks clean from this, but that is the way to get a gotcha.

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Time Warner Cable.

by seanferd In reply to Classic

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