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    ID Primary Sensor Chips in computer


    by hmfl33498 ·

    August 11 there was an article about temperatures playing havoc with your computer. They suggested the freeware “MotherBoard Monitor”. The problem is I cannot identify the Primary Sensor chips or the secondary sensor chips. How do you identify these chips in your computer. The web site suggests you id them and see if the program supports your chips. Before installing their program. Help please.

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      by ptreadway ·

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      There web site has a list of motherboards that there program will work with,check to see if your board is listed,if not the program will not work.

      Hope this helps

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      by thechas ·

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      The chip-set and BIOS on the motherboard needs to support monitoring for ANY of the monitor programs to function.

      In BIOS settings, if you have a PC Health section, your motherboard supports monitor functions.

      Nearly all Socket A and Pentium 4 motherboard support monitoring.

      For Super socket 7, socket 370 and slot 1 motherboards, the availability of monitor functions varies.

      If you download and run the free Belarc Advisor program:
      The report will include what chip-set is on your motherboard.

      Then, see if your chip-set is on the list of supported chip-sets.

      MBM is a fairly benign program. I would simply install it, if your motherboard is supported, it will function, if not, the only way to monitor the temperature of your PC is to use an add-on temperature monitor.
      Temperature monitors come in several varieties, most mount in an unused 3 1/2 or 5 1/4 bay and have sensor wires that you place at key areas on the motherboard.


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