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by rfraysier In reply to ID10T Stories

<p>One year on April 1st, thinking to have a little fun with the people in the IT department, I sent out an email message:</p>
<p>Because of the remodeling in the building we are experiencing a build up of dust on the fiber optic cables and network traffic was slowing down.  So to alleviate this we are going to be blowing the dust off the cables at noon, to avoid getting dust all over their desks we recommended that they tape up all of the drives on the computer. I actually got a call from one woman that wanted to know if she should also tape up the fan on the back of the PC; to which I replied that because we didn't want a build up of dust in the PC and it wouldn't wind up on her desk, that we should leave it open.  I actually had two people tape up their PCs, one of them was the programmers manager.</p>
<p>This same manager, embarrassed now & a little angry, called after lunch and asked if she was going to have to put up with our stupid jokes all day, enough was enough!!  Having no idea what she was talking about, I told her that.  She was sure that one of us had changed her password while she was at lunch, because she couldn't login.  I explained that I wouldn't consider that a joke and asked her questions in hopes of helping.  Seems she had locked her workstation before going to lunch and now couldn't unlock it.  After explaining that even if someone had changed her password, it wouldn't take effect until she had logged out and back in, I asked her if the capslock key was on.  After a very pregnant pause I heard............'Never mind', and she hung up.</p>

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by Beth Blakely In reply to Here

Good stuff, although I can't believe you got away with the email bit! Keep it coming.<br />

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