IDE and SATA problem

By jambino ·
Ok! My Motherboard is a ASUS A7N8x-E Delux and im running XP off a 160GB IDE drive!

I want to intsall a secondary 750GB SATA drive. I connected it all fine. However, machine fails to boot into windows! I have an option to pres either 'CTRL+S or F4 to get into the SATARaid Bios utility! But th machine just freezes!

I assumed maybe the PC was looking at the SATA drive as the system drive:
I went into the Bios to try and disable the 'RAID or SCSI boot'but there is no option to turn it off! Just a choice of SCSI or RAID!

I've change the Boot device to HDD-0, HDD-1, HDD-3 etc! However, the system doesnt want to boot with this drive connected! Any ideas would be much appreciated!?


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Can the SATA controller see the new drive at all?

by robo_dev In reply to IDE and SATA problem

From a hardware perspective, the motherboard treats SATA just like PATA (IDE), so I am fairly certain that the SATA interface would appear to be one of the HDD- items listed, if it were working properly.

My first thought would be that the motherboard has a problem with a drive that large. Perhaps a bios update to the motherboard is needed?

Do you have another SATA drive to try...like a 200 gig drive??

I would boot to a Linux Distro on CD-ROM to determine if the PC can 'see' the new drive at the hardware level.

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Have you set the Jumper?

by IC-IT In reply to IDE and SATA problem

I believe that motherboard has a jumper to enable the SATA drives. It should be close to the PCI slots and the CMOS battery.

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Jumper is set to 1 and 2 which i think is correct throught what i've read

by jambino In reply to Have you set the Jumper?

When the PC gives you the option to boot into the SATARaid utility (When the drive is connected) a very long number appears! I Googled it and the number is the Serial number of the SATA drive. So i assume the jumbers are correct on the MOBO and the BIOS indeed sees the drive! Unfortunatley i do not have another drive to test!

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Yeh the jumper is OK

by IC-IT In reply to Jumper is set to 1 and 2 ...

It should be able to boot through. Have you let it sit without using the SATA/Raid option keys?

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OK you are looking at the wrong part of the BIOS here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to IDE and SATA problem

You need to set the SATA to Native Mode in the Chip Set Part of the BIOS. You do not use the RAID Utility as you do not have a RAID Array present.

You also need to set the Boot Order to boot off the IDE Drive not the SATA Drive so when you first open the BIOS there should be a list of the Hardware present you need to look at the HDD List and see which is the IDE and which is the SATA. Then chose to boot off the IDE Drive in the Boot Options.

This is easy if you have different brand IDE & SATA Drives but if you have the same brand IDE & SATA Drives you need to look at their Part Numbers as these will be listed in the Initial BIOS Screen and depending on your M'Board the IDE may be either the First Chanel or a third or fourth Chanel so you need to correctly identify which is which.

The Boot order here should be Floppy if you have one fitted then Optical and then your IDE Drive with any additional Options either set to nothing or Disabled.

Another possibility is depending on your PS it may be underpowered and not producing sufficient Current when you place the extra Drive into the Power Grid so the Voltages are going Low and below the tolerances of the M'Board to run correctly.


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