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IDE and SCSI interfaces

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Tell us what you think about Dave Mays' column concerning IDE and SCSI interfaces, as featured in the Feb. 5 Enterprise Storage Space e-newsletter. Which interface does your organization use?

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IDE and SCSI interfaces

by kumar.sanil In reply to IDE and SCSI interfaces

Waht about FC ( Fiber Channels)

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Scuzzy / IDE discussion

by informatix In reply to IDE and SCSI interfaces

The article is quite interesting although inadequate to perform proper evaluation for eventual decision-making. For example, Upgrading and scalability are very important issues.

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good, as far as it goes

by quietkey In reply to Scuzzy / IDE discussion

I thought this was a good article, with some basic background information. However, I wish he'd covered things other than just IDE/SCSI, such as SATA, as well as more detail in general. It was a good start.

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by georgef In reply to IDE and SCSI interfaces

I have a slightly different memory of the evolution of disk and IO interface technology but you should at least state who developed SCSI, NCR. NCR is/was one of the most underrated technology companies. Look on a SCSI card or disk and you'll likely see an NCR 9xx chip or something similar. Adaptec is responsible for great advances in SCSI as well.
Since you are a researcher it wouldn't hurt to state what the acronyms stand for, Small Computer Systems Interface, and Intelligent Drive Electronics.

You're right on about setting up a server with SCSI but dead-wrong about using IDE if you don't 'foresee' a heavy load. Better to be prepared and just go with a few SCSI drives.
You should make sure that your OS does split seeks, duplexing, and elevator management, like NETWARE. I'm not a big fan of RAID and think its an oxymoron.

I believe the original disk interface technology was MFM. Can anybody out there correct/confirm that memory for me?
I've just got about 7 more yearsin the field than you and technology progressed quite a bit in those 7 years.

One more point, 20 years ago, there were no servers, at all. Only hosts....and they were ALL proprietary.

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IDE and SCSI Interfaces

by navin.soni In reply to IDE and SCSI interfaces

A very good and brief comparison of IDE and SCSI Drives,which would let us make better decisions while purchasing HDD in the very competitive price and performance environement.

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