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IDE Controller and can I uninstall?

By kenandsusyvirgin ·
I share my WIN XP with my kids and I opened my Hardware manager to find that their appears a disk drive that shows Samsung SV4002H and I am sure that I never saw that there before. Nothing has been added to my machine, however this also appears in the bios as my "IDE". One of my kids said they "may" have downloaded "firmware" update, because they thought they were supposed to when they found it on some website. ERRR. Please can someone help me?

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by BFilmFan In reply to IDE Controller and can I ...

Would help to know what your system is.

Do they update the BIOS? If so, this may not be able to be reversed.

Check to see if your BIOS will allow the system to be returned to Factory Defaults, which is generally a choice in the BIOS SETUP.

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by kenandsusyvirgin In reply to

Checked my BIOS and did the factory default...drives showed there.

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by TheChas In reply to IDE Controller and can I ...

Well, you most likely need both an IDE controller and a hard drive along with an optical drive.

Unless you have a yellow "?" or "!" in device manager, or double entries for a drive or your IDE controller I don't think you have a problem.

There are many types of firm-ware on most PCs.

There is the BIOS:
CD and DVD burners:
Video cards:
Even some other plug-in cards have field upgradeable firm-ware.

A free tool to perform a "reality" check on your system configuration is Belarc Advisor:

Another is Fresh Diagnose:

Either should let you know about hardware configuration problems.

I know it is a hard thing to do, but you need to train the kids to check with you prior to downloading and installing ANY software on your system.


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by kenandsusyvirgin In reply to

Downloaded BELARC, Great little program....Thanks a bunch!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IDE Controller and can I ...

Well you've got me on that one as there is no product made by Samsung with that model number.

But what you should have in place is an Administrator Account for yourself and Limited Accounts for your kids so they are unable to mess up the system. As this is showing in BIOS I would surmise that the BIOS is seeing this unit and reporting it as such if it is an added component then I might be worried but if it is the only HDD shown I wouldn't worry about it in the slightest. Look at the actual devices that you have attached and then the number shown in BIOS and if they match up forget about it.

If it is an extra Drive then you do have something to worry about and it may not be undo-able if some firmware download has been installed for some hardware that doesn't exist. The fact that it is showing in BIOS tends to point to a very low level problem that may be very hard to rectify if it is at all possible.

Of course removing all the drives except the Floppy and installing an older BIOS version and reloading the unit after a complete wipe of the HDD/s may cure your problem but it would be interesting to see if disconnecting the HDD removes the offending listing or disconnecting an Optical Drive could do the same thing.

Short of getting into the insides of the thing and without knowing the system it's very hard to offer you any help other than the obvious of restricting the ability of your kids to mess up the system. If they do not have Administrator Rights then most likely they will be unable to perform things like this accidentally.


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by ozi Eagle In reply to IDE Controller and can I ...


The Samsung SV4002H is a 40GB hard drive, UDMA of 100MB.

As mentioned elsewhere, check if this is the only HDD being detected in BIOS. Open the case and check if you do have this model HDD installed.

Do the kids have an external USB HDD caddy plugged in?

Finally, if you only have one HDD and only one is being detected and your system works, make sure your data is backed up and keep using it as is.

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by kenandsusyvirgin In reply to

AWESOME Info, thanks a bunch...couldn't find the info anywhere, on the net, thank you.

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by kenandsusyvirgin In reply to IDE Controller and can I ...

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP....I WAS ABLE TO GET MY CD DRIVE WORKING....HALLELUJIAH!!!....I WAS GOING NUTS. Now, my DVD Drive is still not working, and I found out, through my posts that the SV4002H is correct, no thanks to HP. Now, I just hope that I will be able to reformat my computer, and start from my files backed up.

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by kenandsusyvirgin In reply to IDE Controller and can I ...

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