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IDE Hard drive formating

By denos ·
Some time ago I remember reading that you should not install ahard drive in a vertical poition if it was formatted in a horizontal position. If you do you will eventually corrupt data stored on the HDD or worse, cause a head crash. The same senario applies to putting a desktop computer on its vertical position (as done when a desktop is placed on the floor in a rack like a tower) or a tower on its side because the HDDs are mounted horizontally and formatted in that position. Is this still true or have today's HDDs overcome this problem and computers can be installed in either orientation?

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IDE Hard drive formating

by TheChas In reply to IDE Hard drive formating

I do believe that newer hard drives are more tolerant of mounting orientation changes than older drives.

To be honest, I ALWAYS keep my hard drives in the horizontal position.

It is the best alignment for long platter bearing and head arm life.

Even though modern drives claim to be able to be mounted in either orientation, basic mechanics and physics confirm that horizontal is best.

When a drive is mounted in the vertical position, there is more stress on the sidewalls of the bearings.
Over time, this WILL lead to additional slop in the bearing.
When the bearing wears far enough, the head will be sent to 1 track but end up on another.

I am not sure what the de-rating factor would be, but I guarantee that MTBF will be shorter for drives mounted vertically compared to the same manufacturing run drive mounted horizontally.


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IDE Hard drive formating

by djent In reply to IDE Hard drive formating

Most drive Mfgs. allow vertical. Upsidedown is another matter as most drives have no thrust bearing at the top of the spindle. If your drive is that worn its time to replace it. Incidently Compaq and other OEMs sold millions of PCs with Conner and WD drives mounted upsidedown.

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IDE Hard drive formating

by Deadly Ernest In reply to IDE Hard drive formating

simply place the hard drive and the pc how is most convenient, pc mounted HDDs dont really care how they are mounted and they will format however mounted. Only exception is that some older, cheap HDDs dont like being mounted upside down as they donthave a strong spindle bearing in the top.

PCs dont care how they are mounted provided you have kept the air inlet and outlets free to allow air flow. Please note that most are designed to give best air flow in their designed placement position; but rarely matters if changed.

The furphy about hard drive placement affecting formatting goes way back to the days of mainframe hard drives where the platter packs were seperate to the heads and the device would slide the heads into the pack once it was loaded in the device. Experience showed that a hard drive pack formatted and used on one manufacturer and model of hard drive was usually not readable on another manufacturer's hard drive due to minute variances in alingnments. Totally irrelevant to PC HDDs where the disk pack and ehads are one integrated unit.

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by wlbowers In reply to IDE Hard drive formating

It doesn't matter the orientation of format much less operation.

The new technology has left that problem years ago.


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