IDE Harddrive won't spin up

By TurboNitroMonkey ·
Ok, I've seen this problem a few times on this site and others, but never run through to resolution, so here we are again.

Here are the facts:

I have been commissioned by a friend to assemble a superior computer out of bits of two (identical) older P4 dells.

When the computers arrived to me, all components were functional.

I have redundant everything.

This means I have ruled out:
*CPU failure
*Harddrive failure
*Motherboard failure
*Powersupply failure (in fact I purchased an upgraded PSU running 430W as I figured 150W simply wouldn't cut it anyways.)

All components are in good, working order.
All connections are clean and seated properly.

The problem then lies here: when attempting to finish the system and boot, the hard drive remains idle. Like others have experienced, when the data cable is disconnected and the power cable remains, the hard drive will spin as per normal.

It also does not work when both hard drives are connected, in any sequence, M/S or CS config.

I have tried using a cable-select cable, a single drive cable, connected properly, with the drive set in both CS and Master positions, I have tried alternative hard drives. I have used an external usb hard drive enclosure to retest the hard drives, adn I have swapped to the other good motherboard. All work properly, except when in this particular setup.

What would be causing this phenomenon, and how do i resolve it so i can finally close the case and start the computer, and return it to my friend?

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The fact that the drive spins up with the data cable disconnected

by robo_dev In reply to IDE Harddrive won't spin ...

If the drive is not detected by bios, it won't spin up.

Can you get into bios when the drive does not spin up?

Can you see the drive in bios?

Have you reset the bios to factory defaults?

Can the PC see it's CD-ROM drive in Bios?

What model Dell are these?

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This really sounds like a Jumpering Issue on the HDD's

by OH Smeg In reply to IDE Harddrive won't spin ...

What type of Data Cable do you have and has it been replaced?

Sometimes these Cables get damaged or are just plain faulty. For the Few $ involved it's not worth messing with them just replace it and then set the Master to the End of the Cable and the Slave to the Middle connector.

The M'Board Make & Model would also be helpful.


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