ide not installed

By kaf0911 ·
Please someone help....my pc has been causinmg me numerouse problems, it started when it wouldnt switcdh on unless the dvd / cd drive draw was open (starange I Know) finally after checking everything is connected ok I have managed to get it to boot up but only as far as the Hewlett Packard screen which only gives me the options to either F2 enter cmos setup or esc to post! when I go into cmos it says Primary ide not installed secondary ide not installed slaves not installed? is there anyone who can help? The operating system (which I can't get too is XP pro)
Thank you

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Has this system ever booted properly ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ide not installed

If so, when was that?

"..finally after checking everything is connected ok" - yet your BIOS reports 'Primary IDE not installed'?

This is not something that you can INSTALL - it is telling you that it cannot see your hard drive(s). You should check the cable connecting the hard drive to the motherboard.

Try changing the cable for a new one.

What is the model of this HP computer?

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My two cents

by Kenone In reply to ide not installed

Based on what you've written, I'd unplug the dvd/cd drive. Power and ribbon cable, and try rebooting the system. Sounds like that drive has gone on holiday and won't be back.

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Are the HDD and the CD/DVD on the same cable?

by 1bn0 In reply to ide not installed

It sounds like the IDE interface is not getting the proper drive identifications from the jumper settings.

If the HDD and the Optical are on the same cable, disconnect the CD?DVD drive and see if the computer boots.

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Also try checking the HDD function

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ide not installed

With it's Makers Testing Utility. You can get the Makers Testing Utility from here


The Drive will be made by Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu or someone else not HP.

It could be a bit difficult if your Optical Drive has gone to Silicon Heaven but if you can boot from a USB Device you can use a Thumb Drive with the Drive Testing Utility on it.

Also if you have a SATA HDD int his computer you need to set the BIOS to Native not RAID and remember to save the settings as you exit the BIOS.

Also you could try another Power Supply as if the one in your computer is going off slightly that will produce problems that could cause things like this to happen. Power Supplies produce several different Voltages and just seeing Fans Run is no fool proof way of saying that they are working properly. They normally produce a 1.5, 3 5 & 12 V DC all with different Currents available and if the Voltage is too High or Low or the Current too low the PS needs replacing before it does any damage tot he M'Board, RAM, CPU or Drives.


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