IDE to SATA Adapter transfer rates

By leedyboy ·
I have an IDE Drive that I Want to upgrade to SATA, but my motherboard doesn't support SATA connection. Will I be able to realize any benefit in SATA transfer rates with an IDE to SATA adapter card, or do I need to look at a new Motherboard?

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The Transfer rates will be governed by the M'Board not the HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to IDE to SATA Adapter trans ...

You can not transfer data faster than the M'Board can. End of Story. If the HDD is faster it will slow down to the fastest that the M'Board can use in Data Transfer Rates at least.

You however do have a couple of options the first would be to fit a PCI to SATA Controller card and that should allow the SATA HDD to work close to if not at it's maximum possible speed depending on how fast your PCI Bus actually is but most times these are faster than the HDD Controllers.

Or you can bite the bullet dump the M'Board, CPU and RAM and replace these as well as maybe the Power Supply. The newer ATX M'Boards have a 24 Pin ATX Connector and either a 4 6 or 8 pin 12 V Plug to supply extra power to the M'Board. If you do not plug in this second ATX Power Plug you will slowly destroy the M'Board if it actually even works.


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