IDE to USB Bridge Troubleshooting

By aefarid ·

I have a problem with the IDE-USB bridge, I was upgrading my PC using a new SATA drive, and as the data on the old IDE drive is required I desided that using USB bridge would be usful.


When I mount IDE to the new PC, the windows can read the drive showing in the device manager the IDE as disk drive and is working probably but it is not shown in my computer and can not read it

Note that, I am using the same OS win XP pro SP2, I put the jumper in Master port.


If I use another USB port it gives me a msg "windows can not recognize the drive" and does not read it at all, so I tried to restore the windows but with no use, knowing that I was just installed the windows, I restared the comp, but the same result, nothing in my computer but shown in the device manager.

Can anyone please advice how to deal with such a problem.

Your help is very appreciated.

Best Regards,

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Have you

by Jacky Howe In reply to IDE to USB Bridge Trouble ...

installed the IDE to USB Driver for your Card.

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by aefarid In reply to Have you

I red the manual, it says that the setup is for win98 only, while win XP does not require installation,
but I tried anyway and placed the mini CD and nothing to be installed, just punch of files that I do not know what is it

Is there any thing else I should do?

thanks alot

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After realising

by Jacky Howe In reply to Yes

that this is the third time that you have asked this question and none of the other suggestions have worked, have you considered that the unit maybe faulty. :)

<just rememberd>

I have an IDE to Sata adapter that will not work.

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by aefarid In reply to After realising

Yes i asked it three times, bcoz I really need the data on the IDE drive badly

anyway what do you mean by UNIT

do you mean the bridge itself?

and how it will never work, it is already shown in the device manager and gives me:
this drive is working probably

or is that all it does

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What do you mean?

by ComputerCookie In reply to BUSTED :)

Busted! The only thing that seems to be busted is you!

Get off the drugs or see a child development psychologist with the aim of enhancing your ability to be cognisant of facts presented to you.

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I purchased

by Jacky Howe In reply to BUSTED :)

2 USB Adaptors. Not the same as yours mine has Sata, IDE and a 2.5 connector. I gave one to my father inlaw that did not work. Returned under warranty and the new one works. The one that I use dose not care if the jumper is Master , Slave or Cable connect it will still show up as a drive and is useable.

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please correct

by aefarid In reply to I purchased

please correct me if I am wronge

will the USB-IDE bridge not work on SATA HDD ?

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You can't use a

by Jacky Howe In reply to please correct

USB-IDE connecter on a Sata Drive. You cannot physically connect it. You will need a USB 2.0 to SATA connector. USB-IDE is only designed to support IDE Drives.
This is what I use.


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If you

by Jacky Howe In reply to please correct

connect your IDE drive to the IDE 2 USB Adaptor and plug it into a USB Port on your PC it should work. It is irrelevant if your PC'S Master Drive is SATA or IDE. As you have tried everyting in the other posts and it is not working try a replacement USB 2 IDE adaptor or better still get a universal one like in the previouse link that I have provided. :)

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Please explain what your trying to achieve!

by ComputerCookie In reply to Have you

Please include a decsription of your hardware?

I've not seen a MB that doesn't have at least 1 IDE connection, at least that way someone MAY!!!!!! be able to help you.

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