IDE160GB harddisk is not detected in bios

By crazyfrog0911 ·
I have Intel dual core 2.8 GHz on Intel 946GZ Express motherboard, 1GB RAM and 160GB Segate harddisk. I have Windows XP OS on it. It was working fine for last 2 years. However one day suddenly bios took a long time to boot, like a bios is hang. Then after 2 minutes it went ahead but it was not able to detect my 160 GB IDE harddisk. The disk has 4 partitions C, D, E and F. My data is present on D, E and F partition. Although I up the system by installing Windows on another old 40 GB IDE harddisk but I am not able to use my data on this 160GB harddisk. I pressed F2 to enter the bios and there it shows "Not Installed". It is supposed to show my harddisk there but it is not showing. I replaced both the cables (Data and Power) but no use. My motherboard is able to detect my DVD writer on the same IDE port, so these IDE ports are definitely working. The harddisk already has the jumper to limit the operation to 1.5GB/s. Toggling this jumper has no effect in detecting the harddisk. I touched the harddisk and confirmed that it is spinning and not dead. Can somebody please help here ?

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sounds like

by jck In reply to IDE160GB harddisk is not ...

the drive went bad. Seems like it can't retrieve data via the head.

Sorry to hear that for you.

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by crazyfrog0911 In reply to sounds like

Thanks for your concern. Do you have any solution by which I can recover my data?

Please help!


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Take your pick

by 1bn0 In reply to Thanks!
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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks!
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Here you need to test the HDD with it's Makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks!


If the HDD fails this test remove it fit it to another computer and test again. If it still fails the test pack it up and ring around the Data Recovery Houses in your area and ask if they can deal with a Dead HDD. Then when you find one send it to then to recover your Data.

If ti passes the second Test your M'Board, Data Lead or Power Supply in the original computer is faulty and needs attention before you can start to deal with your Data Loss issue.

Just a word of warning the last Dead HDD that I had to have recovered cost 56K but that was a urgent Job that had to be recovered within 24 Hours so I paid a Premium for the service.

Just because the drive spins up doesn't mean that it is working it only means that the Motor that spins the platters is running and in no way implies that the Circuit Board on the Bottom of the HDD is working or that the Servo Motor that moves the Read Write Heads is working or moving to the correct places in the correct steps.


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