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By lobocomp ·
Here is a suggestion or idea for employers, recruiters, job related website.
Points to ponder:
1. How can you assure the companies that people applying through you are the right people for the job.

1. How about putting-up Technology related Tests on your website. You should also save the test results with each Resume that is posted on you website, so that the Potential employers can take a look through and call the right candidates to their interviews/Test before offering the actual jobs. I am sure the employers would love it as it would eliminate people with non essential skills from the ones they need.
2. This Test should be taken in one sitting of 1 hrs, cannot be printed, If the person takes more time, the result is cancelled. The job seeker can re-take the same test a week later.

Note: This test is not the final test for any company but to give the companies a better idea about the potential job seeker. MAY BE the tests can be sponsored by the relevant companies so as to make sure that they are getting the right candidates for the jobs offered.

If the companies are not interested to setup their own tests, maybe look into purchasing one of these online test center such as, etc. or getting into some sort of partnership with them, so that you can use their tests that are already developed. In near future develop tests that are particular to different industries with help of you partners.

Remember copies of thisidea will be send to all the potential employment websites, because I want to help people get job and employers to get the right people. Also please remember you cannot copyright this idea. It is for all to benefit. ----- Lobsang Namgyal

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We Use..

by dave4e2open In reply to idea

We use an outside .com for that purpose.

Like Monster, they collect a series of Resume's and catorgorize them. Each candidate can opt to take an internet based, timed, skills test, or many tests. The .com contracts with another company for the tests. They keep adding new tests to keep up with technology.

As a client, we open job requisitions and the .com matches them up. We can select the any of the resume's that sync regardless of their test score or even if they did not take the test.
We then do a phone interview and tech. them out ourselves. You never really know if they honestly know the test material, looked up the answers or had someone else provide the answers. We test them again during a face-to-face.

We can decide to move forward on them of keep looking. The .com keeps track of how each candidate did and it can be used to provide background to other prospective clients.

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