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Ideal Generator to Power My Home

By dbreckejn ·
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Hello folks, I am looking for a generator to power up my home in case of power blackouts.

So far I was reading through guides that share some tips:

To be honest, I just dont know where to start. I was thinking about the range of 5500 Watts, is that enough? What would be the best option in that range or any other suggestions?

Thanks for any input!

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In answer to your question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Ideal Generator to Power ...

I was thinking about the range of 5500 Watts, is that enough?

How big a load do you need to support?

This is the question and then you work from there.

For instance if you have the place Air Conditioned in every room and a swimming pool then no 5500 W will probably not be enough but if on the other hand you only need to power a bunch of LED Lights and a Fridge then 5.5 KW will be excesive.

What you need to do here is look at the load you have in the house decide what you need running and then work out how big a generator you will need. No one else can answer this for you as they will not know what you want to do.

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different question

by john.a.wills In reply to Ideal Generator to Power ...

I think what you really need is solar power panels (or Tesla tiles) and a suitable storage device, such as a Tesla wall. That will pollute a lot less than diesel or similar generators.

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Only trouble with Solar is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to different question

That it isn't always the best option.

Besides not having a working inverter when the power goes out even with Batteries it relies on a clear roof with no trees or buildings putting the roof or wherever the Solar Panels are in any form of Shade. If there is anything stopping sunlight onto the Solar Panels they don't work that well. Things like snow cover also kill the output of them but the biggest issue is Dappled Light where the sun is shining through trees.

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I wasn't thinking everything through...

by john.a.wills In reply to Only trouble with Solar i ...

and I will have to think a bit about those overhanging trees when I make my house solar-powered in a few years. If our civilization collapses, and I and my house survive, I will have electricity for a few years, whereas with a diesel generator I would pretty soon run out of fuel.

Glad to see you're still around OH Smeg - I was afraid I might be the only remnant of the old brigade.

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In that case you'll need a Off Grid Inverter

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I wasn't thinking everyth ...

Which means at the moment you can not be connected to the Grid.

Sort of makes going Solar & Batteries pointless unless there are other things to consider.

I put Solar on this place 4 years ago wanting to have an installation like I used in Business where it was effectively a Giant UPS. What I got was something that stopped working the moment Mains Power was stopped as the rules here say that if the Mains go out your system can not feed into the grid as that means that the Mains are powered and dangerous to those working on them to restore power.

As things stand here you either have to be removed from the grid to have Stable Power or connected to the grid and have no power when the mains go out.

Here they where bringing in NTC 7000 which ment you paid for the power you used between 4 PM and 8 PM per W the Batteries I have here means I draw no power durring those times and can recharge the batteries from the grid in the small hours of the morning or when the sun is shining. At the moment I'm doing it with the sun shining as it costs the same no matter the time of day you use it so having the sun partially recharge the Batteries is the best option for me at the moment.

Of course when they bring in NTC 700 which now I very much doubt will happen it could recharg after 10 PM at night and cost me nothing and then feed any excess power from the PV's into the grid when the sun was shining and be making money.

Yep I'm still here but not very active as the site jumps all over the place and drives me nuts. But one of my Alter Ego's is doing a lot more hidden behind the scenes.

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small generator for home

by dieselgeneratortech In reply to Ideal Generator to Power ...

The generator power is multiplied by three times the starting current based on the power of the home device, for example: the power of the rice cooker is 200W, the induction furnace is 1200W, and together it is 1400W 1400 times the 3=4.2KW (equal to the power of the generator).

If you want small diesel back up power, read this:

If you want gas generator, yahama and honda might be good.

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