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Ideal temperature for computer room?

By wrhale_1 ·
What is the recommended(ideal) temperature for a computer room with 30 machines and assorted elec equipment such as faxes etc? Any hints as to where I can document same? Thank you.

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by TheChas In reply to Ideal temperature for com ...

The "ideal" temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees F.

Office equipment is designed to be used in an "office" environment.

The cooling capacity of fans and heatsinks on commercial PCs assumes a standard office environment.

For documentation, check the users manuals for the equipment. There should be a section that details the temperature and humidity range that the equipment is designed to operate in.

As the heat goes up, you WILL have increased CPU and hard drive failures.


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by wrhale_1 In reply to

While statement is true, 70 to 80 degrees is too hot to be an "Ideal" temp. Thank you for your help.

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to Ideal temperature for com ...

I'm not sure about the "ideal" temp in a computer room, but I try to keep mine about mid 60s. I have almost 20 servers, a Mainframe, 3 big laser, a small laser and a big line printer in here. Plus modems, tape units and tape storage.
My humidity level is set between 35 and 40%.

Hope this helps

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by wrhale_1 In reply to
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by Captain Krunch In reply to Ideal temperature for com ...

I keep 5 Liebert units at 67-68 degrees 45 % relative humidity. Below that and my associates start getting heartburn! Actually measure the discharge temp from the servers and CPU try to keep that below 82, and lower is better. I'm cooling CPU, several servers, Hitachi 9600 DASD, and STK Powderhorn Tape Silo plus a couple of mainframe high speed laser printers, I can generate some BTUs... Hope this helps-KC

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by wrhale_1 In reply to

Very good answer!

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by wrhale_1 In reply to Ideal temperature for com ...

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